Magic with Numbers
  • HBD Nikkhil Advani Ji!

    Numerology Airlifted the Producer of #Airlift

    Nikhil Advani added to an extreme Number indicating Strife & Struggle.

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  • Honoured to receive the Literary Award from Asiad Literature Festival & Bharat Nirman for the contributions in our field.

    Dedicated the Award without a doubt to our Dad & Guru, Late Shri Bansilal M Jumaani who single-handedly revived this nearly 5,000 year old Science of Numbers.

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  • Honoured to receive a customised T-Shirt with my initials from the Ambanis

    In 2017 (1) No 1's shining again!

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  • Villain Kaun? Not Shani, surely!

    8 is Saturn, Shani is the Lord of Judgement..

    Like Vijay Mallya is arrested in his 62nd (8) year, Siddhu was in a fatal road-rash in his 26th (8) yr, jailed in 44th!

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  • Our Clients make us proud, doesn't mean I don't work hard!

    See I'm still working at 10.32

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  • Hard work & Numbers power Indian Idol Winner!

    In 2017 (1) another Number 1, LV Revanth wins 'Indian Idol'. Number 1 since he is born on 10-2-1990 & he is also in his 28 (1) year in 2017 (1)!

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  • HBD to our very special client, Ajay Devgn!

    Looking forward to Golmaal Again (our title, courtesy client Rohit Shetty).

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  • Look who else added Yellow, the color of 2017 (1, Sun)! Our clients, KKR

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  • Lucky Colour plus hard work = India Open Final trophy

    We rooted (read-predicted) for Pusarla (PV Sindhu) of course to pick the Trophy! She was wearing Yellow, the colour of 2017 (1, Sun)!
    Glad that her name appears as Pusarla on scoreboard as it adds to 24, best for No 5's like her! Pusarla V S (on Jersey) adds to 33!

    P V Sindhu reaches career-best world number 2 ranking
  • Honoured to yet again be associated with an Akshay Kumar Film-

    Toilet that adds to 24 (6, Venus).
    The byline Ek Prem Katha is spelt in Hindi.
    Co-Producer Prernaa Arora has another Ace again with Akshay.
  • 'Heat wave shatters records across' screams the Headlines!

    But you read it here months ago in our New-Year story as 2017 gives us 1, Sun that's fiery hot!

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  • Our Client, Dinesh Karthik lifts 2 back-to-back trophies with the #Deodhar Trophy today!

    No 1's & Yellow continues to be in top in 2017 (1, Sun) as indicated.

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  • 9, Mars common between Ravindra Gaikwad & Kapil Sharma (Aries Ruler, Mars)

    Now u know why we ask No 9's NEVER to keep weapons with selves (Salman, 27/12) !
    And say that 9, Mars that's fiery causes aggression that must be channelised

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  • Westminster Terror incident today on a No 4 & 8 combo as 22+3+2017=8!

    4 people died.

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  • A No 3, her 39th (3) year had to be eventful!

    On her Bday, speaking about Rani Mukerji, a No 3 (21 March 1978) not only did she sizzle with No 3, Govinda (on & off-screen) who is born on 21/12, or marry another No 3, Aditya Chopra (21/5) that too on 21st, she even became a Mother in her 39th (3) year on 9th in 2016 (9) as 3,,6,9 a family.

    Just 3 much
  • Some followers can be so sweet!

    On Twitter-
    'Orange, Saffron the colour of 2017 (1, Sun) #YogiAdityanath wears just Orange/Saffron, is CM of UP maan gaye Guru!-
  • Happy Bday Bollywood sensation Alia Bhatt

    Our FB Post years ago during her Debut-
    'This Woman is from Venus!

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  • 3 recent back-to-back predictions makes us once again proud of Numerology

    As predicted Rangoon didn't do well, had said it adds to the same number like our old-spelling, Jumaanis that made me struggle till I was 33; though do feel bad for Rangoon makers.

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  • 'Golmaal Again' spelt by us, shall do well, God Willing.

    Happy B'day to our favorite, Aamir Khan & Rohit Shetty.

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  • As predicted before release on Social Sites (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter) Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya Hits Bulls Eye!

    #BadrinathKiDulhaniya shall do well, adds to No 1, Sun, one of the best Numbers for Karan Johar who is a follower too.

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  • Know what are your Lucky Colors in the Delhi Times article penned by us.

    Do read & share with Loved ones too

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  • UP Elections

    Why BJP or Modi were our favourites on Social Sites BEFORE RESULTS
    do read Instagram Post
    NAMO (17/9/1950=5) is a No 8 too but born on a 17, the best form of No 8; 1,3,5,6 best for such people; a Virgo (Ruler No 5, Mercury) his Destiny No is 5 too as well as his readymade name (41).
  • Finally We can retire!

    Finally we can retire! As our Friends & Fans are doing our job

    'Indian women's ice hockey team creates history by winning first international match!

    On 10th March....Date & year, 1 and colour of 1, Sun
  • Which are your Lucky Colors?

    What is the Significance of COLOURS in LIFE?

    Click Link to read my story days before Holi in Australian Magazine Indus Age.

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  • Unique Oscars Blunder in 89th (8) Academy Awards held on 26th (8)

    Oscars blunder as wrong film was announced Best Picture...It was 89th (8) Oscar Awards held on 26th (8).

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  • Sadly media is using his obituary with wrong spellings, (Taarak instead of Tarak) we are to be blamed.

    Sadly media is using his obituary with wrong spellings, (Taarak instead of Tarak) we are to be blamed. RIP Tarak Mehta Ji

    Thank you for being an integral part of another Blockbuster Serial spelt by us.

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  • Luck ke liye saala kucch bhi karega

    Move over-
    changed spellings of individuals, TV Serials, Films, Brands, Companies, Cities! It's the turn of an IPL Team this time

    'Rising Pune Super-Giants' that added to Number 8, Saturn have dropped an 'S' to spell now as Rising Pune Super-Giant

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  • Talk on Numerology at Kotak Institute

    Shared same Stage with distinguished speakers of the likes of Kotak Chief, Uday Kotak, Vishal Sikka of Infosys, Chairman, Adi Godrej, Consulting Editor of IndiaToday, Rajdeep Sardesai, Rahul Bharti of Maruti Suzuki, Chairman Ajay Piramal, Paytm honcho Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Sudhanshu Vats CEO of Viacom18 & many more top notch dignitaries in their field.

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  • South Africa donning yellow

    South Africa donning yellow (picked by us as colour of 2017=1, Sun) in their jersey ranked up at No. 1 Spot in ICC Rankings by white washing Sri Lanka 5 - 0.

    Never say yellow-dirty fellow! Not this year at least
  • A double No 7, yesterday, the 7th had to be amongst his Lucky Dates too!

    Mohit Ahlwat who scored a whirlwind 300 in T-20 is born on 25/12/1995=7 too!

    He achieved this mammoth feat on 7th too. 1,2,4,7 (a family) were expected to shine in 2017 (1), he's also in his 22nd (4) year!
  • For those who think we only make the rich richer -

    Google the name 'Sanjay Ghodawat'; he came to us in a two-wheeler, now see where he is.

    Besides, we have given examples of common men who have benefited umpteen times before too.
  • Sanjay B Jumaani picks yet another Bigg Boss winner

    Grateful to Bangalore Times, Delhi Times & Bombay Times who carried my string of Bigg Boss Predictions.

    A No 3, Bigg Boss adds to 6, my luckiest Number

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  • Manveer Gurjar, our 1st Choice wins Bigg Boss 10!

    Even as voting was still going on, hours before in the morning on Social Sites, he was our pick, Bani our second choice came second too.

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  • 3,6,9 Magic once again help India win Series!

    3,6,9 Magic again for India that adds to 3!
    India scored 381 (3) while Man of the Match Yuvraj a No 3 with Jersey 12 (3) in 36th (9) year scored 150 (6)!

    R Ashwin took '3' crucial wkts wearing Jersey 99 (9).

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  • Wasn't aware of this story that appeared in 'Parliamentarian' till a follower shared this link

    'Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has made it big. He is consulted by businesses like Reliance Industries, Birlas....

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  • No 9, Salman (27/12) acquitted on his Lucky Date, 18th (9)!

    Once again No 9 worked Magic on No 9, Salman Khan! His journey from Stardom to Superstardom started in his 45th (9) year with Dabangg & Bigg Boss.

    He's wearing his lucky color, Blue too!

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  • 2017-F'luck'tuative, but still write 2017, not '17'!

  • No 5 Aamir Khan releases Dangal on 23rd (5)

    Don't let Munnabhai MBBS mislead you about being foolish if you are superstitious!

    All eyes on his latest release, since Bollywood hasn't had a great year.Read More
  • Here is Kareena's Son Taimur's 1st Pic, Astrologers Predict Stardom For Him

    What can happen when @BejanDaruwalla Ji & I think alike...

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  • One more Khan will shine in Bollywood-Taimur!

    Born on 20/12/2016(=5) his destiny Number, as well as his name, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi adds to No 5, Mercury, planet of speed & knowledge.

    A No 2, Moon governs him along with 3, Jupiter, the biggest, planet of wealth.Read More
  • 3,6,9 a family, Numbers work in our favour yet again

    On 18th (9) in 2016 (9) India (3) pick Cup winning 2-1 in the final of Junior Hockey World Cup to win the title for second time.

    India had earlier won the title in 2001 (3) on 21st (3) scoring '6' goals!

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  • We 'Packed the Paks' with 3,6,9 on our side

    3,6,9 a family work again for India (3) or Bharat (6) as on 30th (3) we scored 3 goals to pick the trophy against Pak !

    Two of the three goals came in the 18th (9) & 51st (6) minutes

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  • Power of a 6er!

    Big'g' Boss (our spelling) enters 10th year, spelt by us on No 24, a good form of Venus, Entertainment.

    While UK counterpart, Big Brother adds to a readymade 33!

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  • Music Industry's Superhit troupe- all No 3's!

    Music Industry's Superhit troupe- all No 3's! Shankar (3/03), Ehsaan (12/10), Loy (30/01) & their business manager, Pradhan a No 3 too! (21/03) Watch how the trio discuss their destiny & luck factor '3' with the Comedy King Kapil Sharma who talks about his lucky number (9) too! So happy to see the widespread inclination towards the Science!

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  • Happy Bday Dr APJ Kalam

    Happy Bday Dr APJ Kalam; an epitome of Love, Peace & Harmony (Venus qualities), he was a double Venus as he was born on 15th & a Libran too like the Father of our Nation.

    Dalai Lama (6/07) is another such No 6 protagonist....

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  • #Surgical Strike

    In the 9th minute of my 2016 video released in January, months before attacks- '2016=9, Mars, being explosive I hope we don't see lot of explosions this year'...

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  • Big B in 'Pink' of Health & Wealth!

    Despite a slow & dull start, #Pink a Super-Hit at the Box Office, as predicted!

    Had said before release on FB-
    Big B, a No 2 in his 74th (2) year shall win hearts & accolades for Pink.'
  • Our clients, Ambani's & Reliance hit Gold !

    We added 'Gold' not only to their IPL Team, (2 Cups followed) nor only to their Reliance Logo!

    They hit the Gold again as Reliance Industries Shares hits 7-year high!

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  • No 5, Mercury is Silvery

    Sindhu is a No 5 (Mercury) Carolina Marin (June 15, 1993) is a No 6 in her 24th (6) year! Won match wearing Red, the colour of 2016, 9, Mars. Her name adds to 9 too!

    But cheers for Sindhu who fought bravely & made us proud with a Silver, the best so far.
  • We picked No 9 & Red in our New Year predictions!

    And yet again in 2016 (9, Mars, fiery red) after Women's US Open was won by a double No 9 sporting Red, ditto with Men's Finals too as Stanislas Wawrinka beat Djokovic last evng to pick his 3rd Grand Slam; he was wearing Red too!Read More
  • Yet again Red rages! Yet again a No 9 in 2016 (9) Scores!

    A double No 9, Angelique Kerber (18+1+1988=9) won the US Open Tennis Championship, her 2nd Grand Slam in a No 9 year!

    No prizes for guessing that she spotted Red, the colour that was tipped as best for 2016 as 9, Mars is Red.
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