One of the most remarkable (and easiest) predictions made that shall stay with me for years

Looking forward to Golmaal Again (our title, courtesy client Rohit Shetty).

One of the most remarkable (and easiest) predictions made that shall stay with me for years

Happy Bday to Singh of Kinng's & Bliings, a follower & strong believer of Numerology, Akshay Kumar.

The Prediction is for all to see; FB Memories don't lie, (See Pic) nor does the Zoom TV Link

Before this 'Comeback' prediction was made (he was out of form then hence the word 'Comeback') he hadn't given a single 100 Cr Hit, but he delivered not one, nor two but three 100 Cr Blockbusters the year he was predicted to do well!

After a spate of flops, in his 44th year, his first 3 Biggies were Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore & Oh My God, a No 9, these happened in his 45th (9) year!

On Zoom TV I did predict 2012 (5, Mercury, Virgo Ruler too) to be his comeback year. Click link below:

Like No 9, Sallu Dabangged (as predicted) in his 45th (9) year to become a Superstar from a Star, No A No 9, Akki too started his Super-Stardom entering 100 Cr films in his 45th (9) year!

Akki is set to enter his 51st (6) year that's from his family of No's as 3,6,9 a family.

Ditto happened with No Sallu in 2016 (9) & he was in his 51st (6) year!

Not only Sultan that released on 6th (how many films release on a Wednesday!) was a huge Blockbuster (300+Crores) he was absolved of both his major cases too in the same 51st (6) year!

Virgo Ruler is No 5, Mercury; also 2016=9 too so Akki's 50th (5) year was tipped by us to be great too!

He proved us right again by delivering Airlift, (Producer's our client Nikkhil Advani) Rustom & Toilet (Producer's of both our client Prernaa Arora).

His journey from Star to Superstar started too in his 41st (5) year when he also gave Singh Is Kinng (spelt by us too).

Khatron Ke Khiladi added to 5 too.

A No 9, his on & off-screen Chemistry with fellow No 9, Priyancka Chopra (18/7) was there for all to see too
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