Draupadi Murmu: Our Prediction made weeks ago (see pic) Winning hearts, Madame President👏🙏

With her win, two more of our predictions have rightly come true in 2022, one being the Year of Women and the second being , others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number😍

Politics, I never understood! Numbers, somewhat I do!

Though Maharashtra Politics has been more twisted than any web or TV series by client, Ektaa R Kapoor too!

The Firebrand Hindu Monk Ready For His Second Innings.

Remember our New Year story has this Paragraph every year-
'Others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number.’

In 2020 (4), 22 (4) rebels in Congress defect to BJP!

2020=4, Uranus, year of rebels someone had said that already in our New Year synopsis
To quote the lines-
'Number Chaar, Rahu Baaghi banata hai'!

‘Arvind Kejriwal & AAP shall Sweep Delhi Elections’; AAP ko AAP Ke Numerologist ne kyun pick kiya!?!

Another prediction on the dot!

Ek Baar Jo Maine Prediction Kar Di, Toh Puri Kaaynaat Usse Sach Karne Mein Lag Jaati Hai !

Uddhav Thackeray Ji was my first and only choice for CM weeks ago!

Today’s the death anniversary of the Iron Lady of India, Indira Gandhi Ji

She was assassinated in her 67th (4) year on the 31st (4) in 1984 (4) again.

‘Rename 737 MAX 8’ screams Donald Trump!

We were much ahead of you In saying that, Prez Trump
M=4, A=1, X=5 so 737+10+8=35; meaning of 35 as per Numerology.

A Number 3, in 2019 (3) she’s in her 48th (3) year too!

On her lucky date, 23rd (12+1+1972=23=5) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Joins Politics, Gets Key UP Post Ahead Of Polls!

Remember our New Year story Para-
2019 could be a good year particularly for No 3’s.
prediction on Narendra Modi

Another huge prediction on the Dot!

Click link to see prediction on Narendra Modi becoming victorious in the recent elections! Had indicated the same across Social Media weeks in advance
Click for seeing NAMO Prediction
Coming up - predicted the same on News 24 last week, will post link

Some 'High-5'

Both their B'days today, Narendra Modi (Name Number-41=5) & R Ashwin (Name Number-23=5) add to the same by their name too.

Happy Bday Narendra Modi Ji

3 reasons why we picked him as PM 2 years before he was elected, when there was no Namo Wave-
1) Rahul Gandhi was in his 44th year (8) during Elections...

Again No 1's shine in 2017 (1) as President & (mostly) Vice-President are No 1's!

Weeks ago, had predicted him to be the Prez, born on 1/10/1945, Ram Nath Kovind was nominated on the 19th (1) too!
While Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu also a No 1 is born on 1/7/1949!
1,2,4,7 being a family, today is 20th (2) and 20+7+2017=1!

Saffron Sweeps!

181 (1) Seats!
Colors of Sun!
In 2017 (1, Sun)

EVM=Everyone Votes Modi

Some followers can be so sweet!

On Twitter-
'Orange, Saffron the colour of 2017 (1, Sun) #YogiAdityanath wears just Orange/Saffron, is CM of UP maan gaye Guru!-

3 recent back-to-back predictions makes us once again proud of Numerology

As predicted Rangoon didn't do well, had said it adds to the same number like our old-spelling, Jumaanis that made me struggle till I was 33; though do feel bad for Rangoon makers.

UP Elections

Why BJP or Modi were our favourites on Social Sites BEFORE RESULTS
do read Instagram Post

NAMO (17/9/1950=5) is a No 8 too but born on a 17, the best form of No 8; 1,3,5,6 best for such people; a Virgo (Ruler No 5, Mercury) his Destiny No is 5 too as well as his readymade name (41).

West Bengal may soon become just 'Bengal' if Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has her way.

Will the new name change vibrations? For the good, bad or ugly?

Poona became Pune to add up to a better Number; the new name did do wonders for the town that's now a flourishing city.
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