Draupadi Murmu

Draupadi Murmu: Our Prediction made weeks ago (see pic) Winning hearts, Madame President👏🙏

With her win, two more of our predictions have rightly come true in 2022, one being the Year of Women and the second being , others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number😍

Draupadi Murmu born on 20/06/1958, a Number 2 in her 65th (2) year today was elected as the 15th (6) President of India in 2022 number (6) year🌹

Though her competition, a leader who had served both as finance and foreign minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee cabinet who wasn’t an easy contender but as numbers saw it Yashwant Sinha born on 6th November 1937 a number 
(6) who is currently in his 85th (13=4) year wasn’t so well placed.

This takes us back to another prediction of another woman president a Number (1) Pratibha Patil was in her 73rd (10=1) year, when she surprised the opposition. Infact back in the day, a tabloids heading said UPA’s choice puts opposition in bind and today the tables have turned. Nearly half a year still left, dear ‘Womaniya’🌹🌹 Keep watching this space😉

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