Statistics never lie, and so it is a Numbers game after all! Be it the Number on a thermometer which spells your well-being, to the perfect Numbers that can shape a models life {36’’ 24’’ 36’’!}.
A golf course, or a life course, pick your Numbers carefully! Or simply the sizes of your shoes or skates that may well decide how you fare in all the ‘walks’ of life!
With Ekta Kapoor leading the brigade for the TV industry, what with the trade booming by the hour, and thus helping enhance the lives of thousands of people dependent on the industry, to some of the top actors, musicians and producers from Bollywood, Numerology has caught up in an alarming way.

So why should our Indian Cricket Team be left far behind? Especially as even here, Lady Luck plays an important role in deciding whether you are ‘out’ or ‘in’, not to forget the huge ‘moolah’ involved!

Latest statistics show that for the first time in the annals of Indian Cricket, India has registered more ‘wins’ than ‘losses’!

Unbelievable even to the die-hard cricket buff, but it is a fact that when India beat Bangladesh recently, it achieved this near-impossible act! 328 ‘wins’ against 327 ‘losses’ from 688 matches.

So when the ‘Numbers’ are indeed tilting in India’s favor, we ask Indian Cricket Teams favorite Numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani the story behind the Numbers game, the latest epidemic to ‘affect’ the Men in Blue.

Says Jumaani:

A majority of the Indians from the current crop are firm believers in Numerology, what with Captain and Vice Captain, Dhoni and Yuvraj leading the pack!

While Dhoni, born on 07/07 not only sports Jersey # 7, he also wears a locket with the same #; Yuvraj, who blasted six 6’s in an over recently, born on 12/12, dons Jersey # 12, and in fact also has most of his car Numbers adding to 12!

Irfan Pathan, {27/10} who was out of the team consulted me and wore 63, {switching from 56} making a swash-buckling comeback in the Twenty-20 World Cup which we won; he also was the man-of-the match in the finals.

Sreesanth, a Scorpion governed by Mars {07/11} was a couple of years ago suggested 36. He is not complaining, though his adversaries are! Uthappa, his good friend also sports a Red Coral as suggested.

Shewag, found jersey # 44 {44=8} quite unlucky; he’s supposed to be a One-day specialist, but his average in the shorter form of the game was only around 29, whereas in Test cricket, where one is required to wear a white uniform, and not a Number, it was a whopping 52! Currently he has taken off 44 and has sprang back to form. He is the only cricketer in the world who has no Number on his back!

Dashing opener, Gautam Gambhir who was the 2nd highest scorer in both, a Twenty-20 series as well as the recently concluded IPL is born on

14/10, a # 5 wearing Jersy # 5 !

Consecutively three times Man-of-the match Suresh Raina, India’s latest ‘Rain-Man’ was in the IPL allotted Jersey # 13 {which most people dread} and very notoriously, he covered up the ‘1’ from ‘13’ with an untidy patch made of tape, much to the chagrin of millions of viewers watching this sight, to ‘change’ not only ‘13’ to ‘3’, but to also see a change in his beleaguered fortunes!

Not without reason, as he is a Sagittarian {27/11} governed by # 3 Jupiter, the biggest planet, representing wealth.

New find, Rohit Sharma is a # 3 {30/04} and 3, 6 and 9 are his best Numbers; he sports 45, which represents 9 of Mars, planet of aggression, a # also suggested to Irfan & Sreesanth for same effect.

Ditto with Yusuf Pathan, {17/11} who is a fellow Scorpion like brother Irfan
Ruled by 9 {Mars}; Yusuf is sporting 27.

Pragyan Oza also called me some time ago; we share the same birthday {30/08} and is wearing # 30. He picked up 2 of the 6 wickets that fell on his debut.

Zaheer Khan, one of IPL’s leading wicket taker is a # 7 {07/10} sporting 34 {34=7} too!

Dinesh Karthik {01/06} recently consulted me and is wearing 46, {46=1} wearing a Ruby made by my wife Jhernna, who is also a Gemmologist.

Ishant Sharma {02/09} is wearing # 29, the first two Numbers of his birth-date; he is also wearing a pendant {# 37} as suggested by me.

Sohail Tanvir, highest wicket taker in IPL.
12/12/1984, being no 3, his lucky numbers are 3, 6, 9. His name adds to 39 = 3. Wearing jersy 33 (33=6), he is in the limelight in his 24th (24=6) year !

R P Singh {06/12}. Luck numbers - 3, 6, 9. Wearing jersy 9.

33, very powerful number in numerology. 6 denotes Venus, planet of luxury.
Both, highest wicket taker, and maximum run getter, Sohail Tanvir and Shane Watson sported 33.

Your's truly (Sanjay B Jumaani) adds to 33 !!
Reema Lamba struggled for 6 years, ended struggle with a new name, Mallika Sherawat, also added to 33 !
Same was the case with Bipasha Basu (33).

India adds to 3, on 3rd (=3) India were ones to score a 300 (=3) for the 300th (=3) by any cricketing nation.

At the same time, Jumaani says that while he believes it is also the ‘Hard-work’ that the team puts in; Luck also is a deciding factor. There may be a lot of skeptics, who may ‘rubbish’ his claims, but the fact of the matter is that the Numbers Game is here to stay, and how!

Twenty20 World Cup

How Numerology played important role in India’s Twenty20 World Cup.

It was the magic of the number 3, 6 and 9 that worked for India: “Irfan Pathan, who is a number 9 (born October 27), was wearing jersey number 63 (6+3=9), as suggested by me. The year 2007 also totals up to 9. India adds to number 3, Bharat to number 6, and Monday, September 24, to 6. Dhoni (born July 7, 1981) is a number 6.

Sreesanth, a scorpion ruled by number 9, was wearing jersey number 36 (3+6=9). Yuvraj, born December 12, is a number 3, was also wearing jersey number 12 (1+2=3). We last won the World Cup 24 years ago which totals 6, in 1983, which totals 3, so the family of 3, 6 and 9 works for Team India.

Infact Kapil Dev is also a number 6 {6th Jan} and 24 years ago (24=6), He led the Indian Team to a Maiden World Cup Victory in 1983 {1983=3}.

Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work.
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