The lustre of Gold (read MI writing history) has returned. 🙌🥇

Clients, Mumbai Indians created history by picking the inaugural Women's Premier League trophy 💙🏆😍 And it wasn't a surprise, as captain Harmanpreet Kaur, who led from the front, is a No. 8 in her 35th (8) year 🔥

ARGENTINA & MESSI were our favorites even before they entered the Semi-Finals! 🙌❤️💙⚽

This prediction was made days before the semi-finals (read the WhatsApp picture for reference & the same was tweeted (see pic) sharing ‘Numero-logic’ behind the prediction.)

Equal pay for equal play: Yes, Its the Year Of Women, Yes!

It's our Prediction and Yes! It's now making waves in the cricket dressing room! 🇮🇳✌️🏏

Today is a big day for finally bashing away the century-old arguments of people, who in the past have had alarming looks towards women playing strenuous games, one like cricket.

No. 5 ka fire 🔥 Bura na maano, Kohli hai! Aur Diwali bhi 😉🇮🇳

Cometh the ring 🔔Cometh the King 👑 No. 5, Virat Kohli whose name adds to 5, packed the Paks on a No. 5 date (23rd) with his heroic innings 😍😍😍

We had said ‘a good year for Men as well as Women in Blue’ in our New Year predictions😍😎

While the Men in Blue have been on a winning spree, the Gals are not far behind too!


#Jumaanified Shikhar Dhawan led team of youngsters have shown the nerves of steel in getting the *jersey number 42* captain, a well deserved adulation 👏🏻🙌🏻

Ferrari Ki Sawari😍😎

Eyes on the prize. Let’s race!- Carlos Sainz💥 🙌

Remember our New Year story has this Paragraph every year-'Others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number.’

'Joe' jeeta wohi sikandar; along with Cricket fraternity's Hitler- Jos Buttler 😃

A Tale of 2 J’s😍😎

What else’s common between these 2 Englishmen who have been knocking the headlines? Fortunate Name-Numbers! 😍 (Not to take away anything from hard-work)

#TeamIndia Comeback with Jumaanified cricketers on the Rise! 🙌💥🏏

Both Jumaanified Dinesh Karthik and Hardik Pandya played at the right time for our country to level the ongoing #INDVsSA series.

With Hardik (Jersey 33) giving back-to-back sixes making a quick-fire 46 off just 31 balls, & Dinesh Karthik hitting a stunning 55 off just 27.

Sadly the accurate outcome of certain predictions don’t make us happy either!

Be it Global threat from China, (predicted in Oct ‘19) movies not doing as per expectations (Panipat, Baaghi3, Chhapaak, Thappad etc) or Indian Women losing the finals to Australian women!

From selling Pani-Puris to making Ragda out of opposition

A Number 1, he’s shining in his 19th (1) year with his readymade name that adds to 1 too

Yashasvi Jaiswal (28 Dec 2001) has not just become the highest scorer in Under 19 World Cup cricket, he’s also the only 2nd Indian to score a century against Pak in the history of the tournament!
And our follower, Hit-man finishes it in style! Two sixes of last two balls in a Super-over to win the Series in Super-Style!

In our latest annual New Year video, (see clip) we even predicted a great year for our 'Men in Blue' stating that the colour for the year primarily would be Blue

Good Newwz for Our Men in Blue – As Predicted

Gabbar is Back

Number badla, Kismet Badli
Shikhar Dhawan who switched from 25 to 42 on our advice is on a roll ever since the swap!
Rohit Sharma

You read it first here, much before any of these happened

On his Birthday Rohit, (our client) a Number 3 & 6 donning Jersey 45 (9) was tipped to have a fabulous 33rd (6) year in 2019 (3)
dditionally he has the most runs by an opener in a calendar year, 2388 (3)!!!

You read it here before any of this happened, way back on his B’day on 30/04


Happy Birthday King Kohli

Good news for Team India & Captain Kohli fans- brace yourselves for Number 5, Virat's 32nd (5) Year & an even better 33rd Year!
A year to remember for a follower, Rohit Shar

A year to remember for a follower, Rohit Sharma

But didn’t someone indicate the same before all these happened?

That a Number 3, Taurus Ruler being 6, Venus, he would rock in his 33rd (6) year! Wearing Jersey 45 (9) as 3,6,9 a family

The Man Behind The Mighty Hooks & Pulls Of Our Indian Batsmen - Raghavindraa Dvgi

With no first-class cricketing credentials whatsoever, this champion has risen from the grave ...

Runs galor for Number 9, King Kohli as he smashes a vital-unbeaten 72* (9) wearing jersey 18(9) for India on the 18th (9)!

Our friends & followers on Facebook already know about how 3-6-9, a family of numbers are best suited for each other. Maintaining this notion, fate outdid the Proteas and clinched a cakewalking victory for India!

3,6,9 and 8’s were supposed to have a field year in 2019 (3)

Blue was our pick too

Beter ‘Luck’ next time!

Both born on 08/08, we had subtly but affirmatively indicated why both could be Runners Up on Twitter, by ‘Liking’ a tweet in order to avoid letting gamblers bet their hard earned money on the matches.

14th (5) July, 2019- A Historic Evening!

This day certainly can't be forgotten by Sports buffs from around the globe who witnessed nothing but a Marvel-Mania!

We were bang on about our top 3 picks; they are indeed on top in the Points Table
And in the same order


Black-In-Lack' of Luck!
What is luck? Some opine that it's another term for coincidence, whereas some feel that it is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than one's own actions. Well, it's all up for grabs

Lucky Year, Batsmen Cheer!

Power of 33
It's remarkable how the top 3 highest run scorers of the ICC World Cup ‘19 are in one of their most important years (All in their 33rd Years)!

U did your best #TeamIndia!

Sad like Millions of Indians
We did put up a brave performance after losing the top order!


Blue & yellow were amongs‬t our picks ‪for ‘19 , best for Number 3, Jupiter (2019=3) year even before the start of this year‬
‪Click video link for the same.

Our World Cup top 3 picks from 10 teams are indeed in the top 3 - On my lucky date, 3rd

England had to beat 'unbeaten India' & again topple NZ back-to-back, to not only stay afloat, but also to be able to make our prediction ring true, and they did oblige!

Orange Is the New Black (For Team India)

P.S- This post serves as a disclaimer to those who indulge in betting, as well as a reference to our subtle mention.

One of the reasons why Australia (1st to enter Semis!) were in my top 3 choices

Caption Aaron Finch
Dob : 17.11.1986

Taqdeer ka likha koi mita nahi sakta!

Rishabh Pant, a double number 4 (4th October, 1997) in his 22nd (4) Year has risen from dust as he suddenly gets a recall to fulfil any Cricketers dream- be a part of a World Cup!

He helped Bangladesh shock West Indies in the World Cup!

The Magic Of Numbers doesn’t surprise us anymore

Yet again someone’s making waves in his luckiest year!
Mumbai Indians win IPL 2019

Mumbai Win-dians, yet again!

Ferocious Pandya donned '33' & savaged the Run Tree at Eden Street!

In last night's encounter between KKR & Mumbai Indians (Both our clients), Hardik Pandya powered his troop to a staggering 198 runs with an individual score of 91; which happened to be his highest in T20 & ODI Cricket Not just that, he smashed the fastest IPL 50 of this season too.

Ro-Hit the ball shattering the record wall!

Our follower, Rohit Sharma had a major shot in the arm after outclassing Martin Guptil & Virat Kohli's T20I records by becoming the highest run getter in this format of the game.

Paanch Ka Punch!

On 14th (5) both our heroes are No 5’s!
Another readymade name like Virat Kohli
1st ODI: Shikhar Dhawan scores his 26th ODI fifty. India win against New Zealand
A Number 5, (5/12) Shikhar Dhawan’s name adds to 5, today’s the 23th (5) too
No 5 Kuldeep Yadav, another believer dons Jersey no 23 (5) too & rattled New Zealand taking 4 wickets!

They challenged our knowledge & expertise after we lost the first ODI to Australia on 12th (3)

Now where are these Blokes? Who taunted us just a few days backI!?

Blocked of course
They couldn’t wait till next two
Matches that were on 15th (6) &
18th (9)? Also our lucky dates!

Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi - Jab 4 & 8 met

While Hardik Pandya is in his 26th year (8, Saturn) his name adds to 35 (8) too; on the other hand KL Rahul has his name adding to 22

Happy Bday Virat Kohli

A No 5, his name adds by default to No 32 (5) too!
Often compared with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, other common thing is both their names add to the same Number (5)!

Happy Bday Virat Kohli

A No 5, his name adds by default to No 32 (5) too!
Often compared with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, other common thing is both their names add to the same Number (5)!

'Prithvi Shaw' drops the 'Jaw'!

That's how one embraces the Power of '42'- Like nobody else!
Century on 'Ranji' debut! Century on 'Duleep' debut! Century on 'Test' debut! Is there any finish line for this rookie?

As indicated in our previous post, a 'Dhoni Led Side' that's had a tie in a major tournament, has always won the cup

Earlier prediction link-

Baap Numberi, Beta Dus Numberi

Son Aneesh S Jumaani gets his first media coverage (courtesy Bombay Times) post his France FIFA Win prediction when any of the last four could have won

Click here

Aneesh S Jumaani on Instagram : Papa kehte hai bada Naam karega

He predicted the French Football victory in FIFA 2018

Before the semi-finals, when any one of the last 4 teams could have won!

Click here to read his predictions that he shared on Social Media
Again 3,6,9 work wonders for India (3) or Bharat (6) on the 12th (3) not only in Cricket but also in Under-20 World Athletics: Hima Das scripts history, wins Gold in 400m; A Number 9 (Born on 9/1/2000) she wore Jersey 1731 (3) with luckiest colour, Blue to make India proud creating a World Record

Yellow Army it is!

In (not very) subtle ways followers knew my pick was Chennai Super Kings as illustrated in my 'Likes' (see Twitter Pics) going only one way, towards #CSK

Senior editor Vickey Lalwani always tries to test me before important matches

See pic, my messages in green
Hum Saath 7 Hain!

Hum Saath 7 Hain!

No 7, @msdhoni (7/07) a follower (Jersey 7) fires again on 25th (7), with 70 (7) off 34 (7) with '7' Sixes on a day when 412 (7) runs were scored, when opposition scored 205 (7); full report tomorrow

Skeptics who say 'predict in advance, not afterwards' should read this post & watch each video-

Today is the Anniversary of our 2011 World Cup Win.
How can 9/10 predictions be accurate?

All Aussie Cricketers involved in Cheating but axe fell on just few!

Steve Smith, David Warner Face One-Year Ban!
Guess what's common between these two tainted Australian Cricketers?

The first time a T-20 Final has been won with a last-ball 6 was by our client, DK!

On 18th (9) 3,6,9 a family worked yet again for India (3) or Bharat (6) as our client, @DineshKarthik (Jersey 21=3) helped India win on the last ball to reach 168 (6)!

Best wishes to @ashwinravi99 for his New Innings as Captain as well as his new Jersey Number

Men or Women, Rich or Poor, Numerology is the same!

3+3=6! Simple Mathematics!

Be it our Superstar Clients Ambani's or Khan's or Kapoor's! On the 24th as already indicated, South Africa would choke against India! They actually did, be it th Men or the Women!

As predicted, India picked up the Under 19 World Cup on their Lucky Date, 3rd

As indicated days ago & predicted on the day of the match too, India picked up the Under 19 World Cup on their Lucky Dof Trollers (mostly those disgruntled at not getting free advice) who say 'predict in advance, not afterwards'; they should read the Numerous posts on Social Media & watch each video

Tera Kya Hoga Kaalya (New Zealand)

In these messages to senior Editor Vicky Lalwani I'm predicting an India win.
Black represents Saturn, the strict Lord of Trials & Judgement. New Zealand has been struggling wearing Black for ages together too! Against them we picked both the series, ODI & T-20 with this win!

3,6,9 power India to World No 1 Slot!

Aila, phirse Sixer
Another follower shines on his
(& India's) Luckiest Date, 24th (6, Venus)
As indicated, (scroll till bottom for previous prediction) 24th should be lucky for us

Some 'High-5'

Both their B'days today, Narendra Modi (Name Number-41=5) & R Ashwin (Name Number-23=5) add to the same by their name too.

And he continues to be on a roll!

Man of the Match, Shikhar Dhawan's century in the 1st #SLvInd ODI was his fastest in ODI cricket, taking just 71 balls
Our client Krishnaraaj Mahadik becomes the first ever Indian to win a race in the 'BRDC British Formula 3 Championship' and the second Indian after Narain Karthikeyan to stand on the top spot at the 'Brands Hatch GP Circuit' 19 years later. He raced with team Double R Racing on 5th-6th august 2017, and he has made his team, family and India very proud.

Jolt for (Usain) Bolt as another No 1 shines in 2017 (1)!

Not only is Justin Gatlin (born February 10, 1982) a No 1, his name adds to a readymade 37 (1) too!

3-6-9 Magic Works Again !!!

Score fixing?!
3,6,9 a family, India (3), or Bharat (6) scored 600 (6) in the 1st innings and declared at 240 (6) for 3 wkts! To amass a total of 840 (3) from both innings!

Another believer shines on her lucky date!

3,6,9 a family, a double Number 3, (3/12) she dons Jersey No 3 too and on the 12th (3) she achieved this mammoth feat of crossing 6000 (6) runs!

As predicted our Client replaced another Client for the Top Post as Indian Team's Coach

Ravi Shastri a No 9 applied on 3rd (3,6,9 a family) to replace Anil Kumble (client too) who completed his term recently

Historic Record!

In 2017 (1, Sun) another No 1 to shine that too in Sun Colors are Zimbabwe that add to 1 (28) wearing Orange!

That too on the 10th!

In 2017 (1) No 1's rocking!

He was tipped to shine just weeks ago & is now chosen to be the Captain of 'India A', Manish Pandey is a No 1 (double No 1) as 10/09/1989=1 and is also in his 28th (1) year, just like Pak batsman who nailed the Champions Trophy Finals, Fakhar Zaman is also a No 1 in 28th (1) year!
#numerology #jumaani

More 3,6,9 Power!

Another No 3 to shine in his 33rd (6) year is Sunil Chhetri (born 3 August 1984) while scoring 54 (9) Goals to edge past Wayne Rooney

Magnificent 7!

On 25th (7) a Number 7 in his 25th (7) year, K Srikanth (7/2/1993) whose name adds to 25 (7 again) clinches Australian Open Superseries Title beating reigning Olympic Champ Chen Long!

Another No 1 shines in 2017 (1)!

Fortunes smiled on Pak batsman Fakhar Zaman who is a No 1 in his 28th (1) year! His name is also readymade on 37 (1) too!

Born on 10+4+1990=24=6, he scored 114 (6)

Rafael Nadal creates history with 10th French Open title!

Gemini ruler is No 5, Mercury (3/6/1986) & he's in his 32nd (5) year!

I'm a No 3 like him, Virgo Ruler is No 5 Mercury too & I'm a Virgo, life changed in my 32nd (5) year too

#numerology #jumaani

Numbers decided Man Of The Match on IPL Finals too!

Power of 24, that too when it mattered the most!

When I said 'Coming Soon' our followers understood our 1st favourites, Number 1's in 2017 (1) had best chances!

Congrats to our Clients, both No 1's Mukesh & Nita Ambani Ji & MI team!

If this isn't about Fortune then what is

Though he didn't make it during selections, he has suddenly been recalled to play for India for the Champions Trophy to replace injured Manish Pandey!

Breaking News!

One more IPL team takes our consultation, wait for their revamped look & numerically corrected name too!

Keep watching this space!
#numerology #jumaani

Wish Preity Zinta is reading this, really feel sorry for her every Cup!

All 3 Teams to qualify so far followers of Numerology

Sanjay B Jumaani had predicted 2017 as difficult for Virat Kohli

Who could imagine last year's finalist RCB would score the lowest IPL score (49) & be the first team to crash out!

Honoured to receive a customised T-Shirt with my initials from the Ambanis

In 2017 (1) No 1's shining again!

Our Clients make us proud, doesn't mean I don't work hard!

See I'm still working at 10.32

Gautam Gambhir scored 0,0,0,1 & then consulted us (jersey 23, Diamond & changed signature) to score two back-to-back 50's & Man of the Match for both innings to even lift IPL that year!

Look who else added Yellow, the color of 2017 (1, Sun)! Our clients, KKR

Lucky Colour plus hard work= India Open Final trophy

We rooted (read-predicted) for Pusarla (PV Sindhu) of course to pick the Trophy!

She was wearing Yellow, the colour of 2017 (1, Sun)!

Glad that her name appears as Pusarla on scoreboard as it adds to 24, best for No 5's like her! Pusarla V S (on Jersey) adds to 33!

P V Sindhu reaches career-best world number 2 ranking

Our Client, Dinesh Karthik lifts 2 back-to-back trophies with the #Deodhar Trophy today!

No 1's & Yellow continues to be in top in 2017 (1, Sun) as indicated.

Finally We can retire!

Finally we can retire! As our Friends & Fans are doing our job

'Indian women's ice hockey team creates history by winning first international match!

On 10th March....Date & year, 1 and colour of 1, Sun

Luck ke liye saala kucch bhi karega

Move over-
changed spellings of individuals, TV Serials, Films, Brands, Companies, Cities! It's the turn of an IPL Team this time

'Rising Pune Super-Giants' that added to Number 8, Saturn have dropped an 'S' to spell now as Rising Pune Super-Giant

South Africa donning yellow

South Africa donning yellow (picked by us as colour of 2017=1, Sun) in their jersey ranked up at No. 1 Spot in ICC Rankings by white washing Sri Lanka 5 - 0.

Never say yellow-dirty fellow! Not this year at least

A double No 7, yesterday, the 7th had to be amongst his Lucky Dates too!

Mohit Ahlwat who scored a whirlwind 300 in T-20 is born on 25/12/1995=7 too!

He achieved this mammoth feat on 7th too.

1,2,4,7 (a family) were expected to shine in 2017 (1), he's also in his 22nd (4) year!

3,6,9 Magic once again help India win Series!

India scored 381 (3) while Man of the Match Yuvraj a No 3 with Jersey 12 (3) in 36th (9) year scored 150 (6)!

3,6,9 a family, Numbers work in our favour yet again

On 18th (9) in 2016 (9) India (3) pick Cup winning 2-1 in the final of Junior Hockey World Cup to win the title for second time.

India had earlier won the title in 2001 (3) on 21st (3) scoring '6' goals!

We 'Packed the Paks' with 3,6,9 on our side

3,6,9 a family work again for India (3) or Bharat (6) as on 30th (3) we scored 3 goals to pick the trophy against Pak !

Two of the three goals came in the 18th (9) & 51st (6) minutes

No 5, Mercury is Silvery

Sindhu is a No 5 (Mercury) Carolina Marin (June 15, 1993) is a No 6 in her 24th (6) year! Won match wearing Red, the colour of 2016, 9, Mars. Her name adds to 9 too!

But cheers for Sindhu who fought bravely & made us proud with a Silver, the best so far.

We picked No 9 & Red in our New Year predictions!

And yet again in 2016 (9, Mars, fiery red) after Women's US Open was won by a double No 9 sporting Red, ditto with Men's Finals too as Stanislas Wawrinka beat Djokovic last evng to pick his 3rd Grand Slam; he was wearing Red too!

Yet again Red rages! Yet again a No 9 in 2016 (9) Scores!

A double No 9, Angelique Kerber (18+1+1988=9) won the US Open Tennis Championship, her 2nd Grand Slam in a No 9 year!

No prizes for guessing that she spotted Red, the colour that was tipped as best for 2016 as 9, Mars is Red.
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