Happy Bday Dr APJ Kalam

Happy Bday Dr APJ Kalam; an epitome of Love, Peace & Harmony (Venus qualities), he was a double Venus as he was born on 15th & a Libran too like the Father of our Nation.

Dalai Lama (6/07) is another such No 6 protagonist.

Librans so passionate about their work that they hate to hang their boots or retire!

Dev Saab & Yash Chopra Ji are not only fine examples, Lata Ji, Big B, Rekha, Feroze Khan, Vinod Khanna, Hema Malini & many more can teach us the secret of remaining active till our end!

Just like Dr Kalam who literally went with his working boots on!

Another Doubly Venus blessed Birthday today is of Film-Maker, Mira Nair; and my Childhood favourite, Novelist Mario Puzo.

Number 33 v Lucky even agrees Chilean President as all 33 Miners rescued in 33 days, read more funky details-

I fully agree as my 17 yr old sales job struggle ended after my spellings were brought on 33 in my 33rd year!

33 miners, who were trapped for 69 (6) days in the depths and darkness of the underground were lifted one by one, on 13/10/10 (33) in a device called "Fenix" – a creature representative of occult initiation – to the light of day. As they say "Ex tenebris lux": From darkness to light.

Fenix adds to 24 (6) too!
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