Hum Doh, hamare Sau? 😰🫣

Yesterday, on the 15 (6) November (6, Venus- planet of love), the world’s population reached a total of 8 billion people 😨😲

Hum Doh, hamare Sau? 😰🫣

Then on world population day this year, we had reminded you all of what we predicted MUCH BEFORE India was EVEN CLOSER to the mark of heading the China way!

A prediction we made in December 2020, and re-emphasised on it again in 2021, and then again before the start of the year 2022, (the year of Venus) 😍 but that time we sincerely hoped we were wrong πŸ˜‘πŸ˜°

In fact, we had even predicted a rise in the number of weddings way back in 2020 itself. And look, India is estimating a whopping 30 lakh weddings in the next month itself! πŸ˜„

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