We 'Packed the Paks' with 3,6,9 on our side

3,6,9 a family work again for India (3) or Bharat (6) as on 30th (3) we scored 3 goals to pick the trophy against Pak !

Two of the three goals came in the 18th (9) & 51st (6) minutes

India is World No '6' too!

In the 12th (3) minute we survived a scare as the Pakis had only the goalkeeper to beat from close range but hit off-target!

Rupinder Pal Singh who dons Jersey No 3 is a Scorpio (Ruler-9, Mars) scored in the 18th (9) minute while Yousaf Affan dons Jersey No 12 (3).

Congratulations to Indian Hockey Team for sealing a fantastic victory over Pakistan to become Asia Cup Champs....

Lucky date & Numbers favour when combined with hard-work too!
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