2021 – a No. 5 year of change after the chaos!

"For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."
– T. S. Eliot

We said it before
All great changes are preceded by chaos. If 2020 was a year of great chaos and violent rebellion, then 2021 will be one of significant change and gentle recovery. Because 2021 adds up to No. 5,and No. 5 in Numerology stands for Mercury. It represents Buddhor Knowledge. Mercury is the smallest, but fastest of all Planets. It is the Planet of speed, travel, communication and knowledge. Mercury is very adaptable, flexible and versatile. With the same conviction with which we said that 2020 was not going to be a 'Prosperous' year but a 'Phosphorus' year of much agitation, we now tell you that 2021 is the year the world and you will begin to bounce back, and the time has also come not to forget your COVID fears– but to put them behind you.

For Mercury, which the common man only sees in a thermometer, has recovering, restoring and recuperating powers. It is unbreakable; if you hit Mercury, it will split into several pieces, but just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, these pieces have the ability to reunite and become whole again. Remarkably, Mercury shows no cracks or damage. So 2021 will be the healing calm after the destructive storm that was 2020. But Mercury is inconsistent, unpredictable, fluctuating, unstable, unsteady and mercurial in the true sense. So brace yourselves for ups and downs.

But, you ought not to be surprised! We predicted a year of gloom &doom in a Diwali 2019 interview on CNBC. This was even before anybody had heard of COVID. To jog your memory, we had said that 2020 would be tough on the world because of China. We had also talked about that jack-in-the-box Arvind Kejriwal, Shiv SenaTiger,Uddhav Thackeray’s big win in Maharashtra elections, we gave you another Bigg Boss winner, forecast the global market crash, the surge in gold prices and unlike the weatherman–we saw turbulent weather ahead of us. And sadly, way beyond human imagination, we saw, and said that mankind was going to face the outburst of killer Coronavirus.

How did we work this out? Simple! The magic and message is in the numbers.
China adds up to 15 which isn’t agreeable with No. 4 (2020) and No. 8. Hence it was easy to see that China would be the ‘Villain of the Peace’, and the world economy would get affected too. China had given us the deadly SARS virus in 2002 which was also No. 4. Then in 2015 (8), the China economy bubble burst affecting the globe then too! What does China’s No 15 mean? This is a number of occult significance, of magic and mystery; but as a rule it does not represent the higher side of occultism.

Persons represented by No. 15 will use every art of magic they can to carry out their purpose. If associated with a good or fortunate single number, No. 15 can be very lucky and powerful. But if associated with one of the peculiar numbers, such as No. 4 or No. 8, the persons it represents will use even 'black magic' to gain what they desire. No. 15 is also peculiarly associated with good talkers, with people of eloquence, the gift of music and art, dramatic personalities with a voluptuous temperament and strong magnetism. For obtaining money, gifts, and favours from others, No. 15 is a fortunate number. There’s a reason why we predicted 2020 to be a 'Phosphorus' year and not a 'Prosperous' one and why we warned you to write '20 and not 2020. That reason is No. 22. Imagine a good man blinded by the folly of others with a knapsack on his back full of errors. That's No. 22. In this scenario, he appears to offer no defence to the ferocious tiger attacking him. It is a warning number of illusion and delusion to a good person living in a fool's paradise, a dreamer of dreams who wakes up only when surrounded by danger. It is also a number of false judgments owing to the influence of others.

There’s also a reason why we urged you to look at gold. And that’s because 2020 is a No. 4 whose ruling Planet is Uranus. This Planet has a grave influence on the weather and 2020 saw bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes and floods. Uranus is also yellow & blue and that’s why in the Diwali 2019 show, when gold was 29,000, we said it was a safe investment and was likely to shine in 2020. This going only by numbers and not considering the bullion market trends. Going on CNBC on 1/1/2020, we were asked if it was okay to still buy gold which was then a staggering 40,000. Our answer – “Yes, buy now and sell in the second half of 2020.” Those who did, sold it at 57,000! Likewise in 2021, because Mercury the ruling Planet of No. 5 is silver, it is safe to say silver will shine! Hence we even advised y’all to buy Silver on 5th March 2020 (on our silver jubilee) & sell in 2021. In the past few months of prediction, it increased by a whopping 30,000!

Hence we tipped steel (color of Mercury) also to shine, indicating Real estate to start waking up from its deep slumber!

There was more, lots more in our prediction of the Year of Rebellion, like the Lebanon government stepping down after the Beirut blasts (that happened on August 4, a No. 4 again), the US seeing its biggest peoples unrest, while Libya and Syria (both add to No. 8, Saturn) saw the rebellion that had started brewing in both the countries in 2011 (No. 4, Uranus) peaking unfortunately in 2020 (No. 4). Delhi (JNU) wasn’t spared too from rebels. While 22 (4) Congress rebels defected to the BJP! The year-end saw another rebellion from the farmers, too. In a quirk of fate, we had said Science, Medicine and Technology were tipped to be the biggest gainers in 2020. Sadly, Doctors and Hospitals have never been this busy!

And as we bid goodbye to this difficult year, we look forward to peace, prosperity and progress in 2021. Be it the weather or the markets because 2021 is going to be a highly fluctuating year. Remember, silver can fluctuate dramatically but can end up on the higher side. Investing in realty would be a great bet. Businesses dealing in properties and land will gain momentum and show signs of recovery in 2021. In the New Year, many industries will begin to perform well too. And because Mercury signifies movement, all businesses associated with travel and tourism like airlines, the hospitality industry, tour operators, etc. will bounce back strongly.

Then, those in teaching, training, coaching (Mercury means Buddh), preaching, orating/public speaking, literary work, authoring and commanding professions, healthcare, pharmacy will do well. Electric cars and bikes, IT, mobile companies, Internet speeds will reach new heights, new inventions (because No. 5 gets bored easily) happen, all things related to the youth like fashion and luxury, lesser savings and high spending, telecommunication, software, apps, and everything related to speed like shipping, transportation, Import-Export are expected to do well. Bitcoin can scale new heights. It adds to 23 (5). The inventor of this crypto currency, Satoshi (Nakamato) who became a billionaire overnight, is also No. 5. Online sales, OTT platforms, music, media and other outgoing, extravagant and blingy-glitzy lines of work will do well.

Bollywood, too, will recover through OTT platforms. But theatrical releases that have been on the ventilator will take time to find their feet again. This might take as long as 2022 (6) because No. 6 (Venus) resembles entertainment. In the same vein we had said 2013 (6) would be a 'dhamakedaar' year for Bollywood, and look at the number of hit films that released that year.

The economy, like the weather, stocks and silver, is also likely to face ups and downs. But it will definitely do much better than in 2020. As mentioned before, Mercury can get Mercurial. Mercury is also known for its speed. Internet speed will skyrocket. In a No. 5 year–expect no less than 5G. Many singles can become doubles, and couples can become triples. Can we see a population boom? It can start now and peak in 2022 (No. 6, the planet of love).

One more thing - Those born on any number can usually excel if their current age is the same as their principal number. Like, our client Mukesh Ambani (No. 1) found his 64th (1) year extremely beneficial, and on April 19, his share price zoomed and almost doubled in some months. In fact, weeks after his birthday prediction, our followers, the Mumbai Indians picked up their 5th IPL trophy as predicted. Ditto for No. 2 Kamla Harris (born Oct. 20), who in her 56th year as predicted would bloom; and look what happened to her in the US elections!

The year can be particularly good for No 5s (those born on 5th, 14th and 23rd). Then No. 5 also governs Geminis and Virgos, both of whom may also have a field year. For example, when No. 5 Virat Kohli entered his 32nd year, we predicted a great period for him. He announced the arrival of his bundle of joy in the very year. Now he continues to be in his 32nd year, and 2021 (5) shall prove to be even more wonderful for Virat. Furthermore, his 33rd year shall be a scale higher than the preceding one!

It is also a good year for those born on 6th, 15th & and 24th (Venus governed) and Taureans& Librans. The good news is that No. 5 goes well with mostly all numbers. Except sometimes it doesn’t blend too well with 9. It’s also going to be a good year for No. 8, 17 and 26 born individuals, as well as Saturn governed Aquarians and Capricorns!
Finally, write 2021 fully and not 21, because No. 21 means victory after a long fight and test of determination. So unlike last year, this year will be Prosperous and not Phosphorous, and we hope that we recover 5 times faster this year. So here’s wishing you all a 5-Star year!
Now let us further analyse individually how the New Year could fare for those born on each Number, ranging from 1 to 9-

Number 1 {SUN}:

People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th
In 2021, you would like to lead from the front, and will do better in positions of authority over others, because you prefer to be your own master. Or you will at least feel far more comfortable when in commanding positions where you don’t have to be answerable to many.

In this mercurial year, be at your diplomatic best. Mercury fluctuates with the temperature, and may find the Sun, your Ruler, quite hot. Don’t trust others easily. Or jump to conclusions without thinking things over carefully. For the ground may be slippery! Be careful about getting into partnerships,and don’t blindly trust others with the steering wheel.
On the finance side, 2021 promises to be materialistically fulfilling. But really, are material things everything? Cherish your relations. Take time out for near & dear ones. But thinking and speaking only, practically or like ‘charged’ lightning, is not the way to maintain relations. Leave things to your heart and go that extra mile to please loved ones however difficult you may find this.

Decision making will be tough this year because your mercurial characters won’t easily find their ground and will continue to oscillate redundantly. So, without any undue stress, let the year take its own course while you watch and enjoy the show sometimes even from the backseat. Health wise, you could be brimming with the energy levels that you may have missed in recent times.

Famous No. 1s-
Bill Gates (Richest man), Mukesh Ambani (Richest Indian), Lata Mangeshkar, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan

Lucky Months-
Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Oct, Nov.

Lucky Colours-
Gold, brown, orange and yellow - colours of the Sun

Number 2 {MOON}:

People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th
The Moon is a dreamy, romantic, gentle, imaginative and creative planet. But for your dreams to turn into realities, you need to be awake! You need to release that toxic memory from your system that you recall often. It’s a year for achieving perspective in retrospection.

In 2021, you will be allowed the opportunity to enhance any emotional intelligence gathering skills that no physical university offers. Your brusque wisdom may splice your inner and outer world to make you the Moon you would love to land on.
Try to make the positives of the year, that is communication, speed and momentum, work in your favour. It could be a shaky year materialistically with a few highs and lows. So strictly don’t invest blindly just because others are doing so.

Those engaged in service-providing industries or alternate sciences such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Astrology and Numerology can soar. This being a No. 5 year and Mercury (which is slippery) ruled, try to keep your emotions in control, lest you end up doing something you regret later.

In 2021, remember a late start doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to enjoy the party!

Practical thinking coupled with your intuition is a potent mix! So be ready to carve out battle lines! Try not to be a slave of the mind or heart; cast aside any self-doubt to build up your confidence.

Famous No. 2s-
Joe Biden, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Tiger Shroff, Sehwag, Hardik Pandya, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn

Lucky Colours-
Green, gray, blue, cream, yellow and white.Avoid black. It’s unlucky

Lucky Months-
Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Oct, Nov

Number 3 {JUPITER} :

People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th
Jupiter (Guru) is known to be a giver and a teacher while No. 5 Mercury (Buddh) is knowledge. There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance.

In 2021, No. 3 students and teachers could make giant strides. Jupiter is one of the most powerful and potent planets and makes one particularly ambitious. Not satisfied with 'ordinary' or 'subordinate' positions, you will aspire to rise in 2021, and to have control and authority over others.
Financially, this is a decent year, especially if you learn to blend and adapt according to the demand of particular situations. You could shave off some of your debts too. However, if you are rigid and choose ego over practicality, you will pay the price. Learn which way the wind is blowing to turn the tables in your favour. On the home front, yes, you love your family; but this year try to show it. Be patient and tolerant towards loved ones however difficult they behave. Eventually, they will look up to you.

Health is fine. No need to worry unnecessarily or unduly.Jupiter will sooner or later put you back in the saddle!The key to good health in 2021 could be your mind. If you do not overthink, there could be little that would bother you. Better news is that 2022 (6, Venus) could be an extraordinary year for you. Some of your past investments or stuck wealth could be out of the roadblocks before the end of 2022.

Famous No. 3s-
Rajnikanth, Warren Buffet, Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, Rani Mukherji, Govinda, Aditya Chopra

Lucky Months-
Jan, Apr, Jul, Aug, Oct

Lucky colours-
Purple, violet, blue and pink

Number 4 {URANUS}:

People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st
If 2020 allowed you to work from home, perhaps not affecting you as badly as many others, in 2021 you could have to run the extra mile and burn off that pent up energy you are famous for. So prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride.

Investments should be long term, but not to double your money, so don’t risk your hard earned capital. Your mantra should be, Money saved is money earned! ‘No’ has never been your favorite word especially when it comes to spending on gadgets or mobile phones.
Having indulged enough on intrigue, safeguard what’s important. You will be offered two options. One, to go aimlessly for material things, just to compete with others. Two, to let go and save for the future. Go for the latter.

You may find yourself at variance with people who don’t know the true person you are. Don’t give this too much thought. Or you won’t be able to fulfill other important tasks.

At home, however, be more tolerant and accept your mistakes. You will not become smaller by saying sorry to your loved ones. We have all experienced the rebellion that No. 4 hammered humanity with in 2020. Coupled with your uncommon intelligence, if you set your mind to the task, you may rise to great prominence and make use of your gifts of unconventionality, inventiveness, and originality. Students can move closer to their targets.

In matters of health, work on your lifestyle; too much exposure to electronics and gadgets can drain your system. Draw a line!

Famous No. 4s-
J K Rowling, Sunny Leone, Barack Obama, Amit Shah, PrietyZinta, Kishore Kumar, Tabu, Juhi Chawla

Lucky Months-
Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Oct, Nov

Lucky Colours-
Yellow, gold, brown, blue, cream and white

Number 5 {MERCURY} :

People born on 5th, 14th and 23rd
This is your year, if you don’t let your fickle mind make the decisions. Mercury makes you adaptable to most situations and blesses you with remarkable elasticity of character. You can recover from setbacks, and come good too if not cornered. But if you are being tested, then all the preaching won’t reform you.

Stomach may be suspect but only due to unnecessary worry. This can also lead to a nervous breakdown. So try not to be edgy. Avoid being impulsive and in a hurry, curb your emotions and enthusiasm, the world won’t end in 2021. You know that haste most often makes waste.
Try to use your communicative skills, that’s your USP. Those looking for a change of job or to shift their residence should put their best foot forward in 2021. Students will have to focus and concentrate extra hard if they are to make the best of the No. 5 year which is quite possible. You are vulnerable to distractions, so stick to the positives of your ruler Mercury to scale new heights and to raise the bar.

Unless the ideas are out of the box, it’s difficult to capture and hold your attention. Not many things attract you, and when they do, they don’t last long. So meditate this year and control your inconsistency to the point that any idea that has even slightly interested you should be ingrained in your memory and executed for unprecedented returns.

Time management is something you need to work on because you bore easily, strain into monotony, and will not make haste in covering little ground. Your distaste for monotony makes you averse to routine in 2021. So be ready, this year is going to bring you a bouquet of new and innovative ideas that you will not be able to resist but execute.

Famous No. 5s-
Aamir Khan, Rohit Shetty, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Kajol, Himesh Reshamiyya

Lucky Months-
Jan, May, Jul, Sept, Oct

Lucky Colours-
Colours don’t influence No. 5s, but wear light colours like green, silver or blue and also shimmering colours

Number 6 {VENUS}:

People born on the 6th, 15th and 24th
Venus (Shukra) is the planet of love, peace, harmony, luxury, beauty and entertainment. No. 5 (2021=5, Mercury) can sway your already floundering emotions, so don’t listen to your heart. Materialistically, this is a satisfying year. Even though movement or change makes us all insecure, it may work well for you if you have done your homework well.

Your love life could see new highs. Socially, you could be in demand, but don’t you just love that? This promises to be a decent year, too, and especially to those on the lookout for a shift.
At home, avoid arguments. Try to keep calm, and sort out the accusations hurled at you in a peaceful manner instead of flying into a rage and spoiling everything. If you do this, much love will be reciprocated.

It’s probably the time for calculated gambles on the career front. In financial matters, past investments would fructify and multiply even more if you wait till 2022 (6), a No. 6 year. And if left with some change, investing the same wisely because waiting can bear more fruit. But don’t fall for any get-rich-quick schemes.

Those eligible or looking for marriage or having children, seeking better job prospects, shifting into new homes, taking foreign trips will be closer to realizing their dreams.

The next two years could be Red Letter years. Your efforts are likely to yield good news on both, the personal and professional front. Health wise, you will be more rejuvenated than in the past couple of years.

Famous No. 6s-
Ranveer Singh, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kapoor, A R Rehman, Kapil Dev, Rakesh Roshan, Subhash Ghai, Sania Mirza, Madhuri Dixit

Lucky Months-
Jan, Apr, Jul, Aug, Oct

Lucky Colours-
Blue, pink, mauve, violet and purple

Number 7 {NEPTUNE}:

People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th
You have a lust for travel. And if given the option, like to go to different places. Neptune can help you do just that. You don’t even need time to pack your bags. A moment’s notice is sufficient! The COVID lockdowns have inspired you to explore and pursue your passion further and expand your horizons.Being creative and a lover of beauty, nature and the outdoors fascinate you. But good things come at a price. Nowadays, everything has a price tag, so brace against an expensive year of some sort.

Don’t take the stress of relatives and friends. You are barely able to manage your own worries. If you get downhearted, it would be tough to come out of the slump. Listen to your intuition and trust your instinct. There are many who will swear that you have a sixth sense!
If you have to blow your trumpet, and live momentarily on past laurels, then so be it! Records are not broken everyday. Your moment of glory will resurface. Picture abhibaakihai, mere dost…

You may have done your bit for the underprivileged during these tough times. Your heart of gold will be blessed by many.

Those of you who are at crossroads with legacy matters could get their fair amount of share and care. However, you need to be more meticulous with paper work like wills, agreements and insurances. Being a non-materialistic soul is no excuse!

Famous No. 7s-
Katrina Kaif, M S Dhoni, Saif Ali Khan, Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar

Lucky Months-
Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Oct, Nov

Lucky Colours-
Grey, green, blue, cream and white

Number 8 {SATURN}:

People born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th
Despite the trials and tribulations of Saturn, the silver lining is that its judgment is just and proportionate to what you deserve. Yes, 2020 failed to meet expectations, but there is respite in 2021. You may probably wake up in the most amazing mood– the kind of frame of mind that can only be satisfied by doing something that’s totally different from the ordinary.

It’s time to enjoy what your karmas have earned you. So go on, after a hard year’s work, you have all the right to let your hair loose, enjoy the book, or film, or the company of a soul mate.
Being mature all the time will make you feel old. So try to rejuvenate, relive your younger days, as this is a youthful year when travel and communication can be the highlight. Materialistically, this is a good year. Manage your own affairs and do not trust others to take your major decisions.

Awkward relationships could be mended with some sincere effort from you. Making new and interesting friends looks very likely too. So do not pull yourself back. Kyunki life mein hare ek friend zaroorihotahai!

Last year, I had not indicated a good 2020 (4) telling you instead that “time flies and 2021 and 2022 are highpoints in your life”. Though never forget, there are no free lunches. A lot could be achieved if you make better use of your time and resources in the next two years. And remember, No. 8s should avoid shortcuts.

Saturn, your ruler, comes with a price tag by taking trials. But he arrives at a resolving verdict that does befitting justice to your efforts and karmas.

A lucrative job or business opportunity might be on the cards. A shift of residence, or an investment in property however small, is a distinct possibility for some of you. And to hit the ball out of the park, change your style of batting instead of the bat. Fitness levels will go up because you will walk faster once you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Famous No. 8s-
Narendra Modi, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shilpa Shetty, Sourav Ganguly, Asha Bhosale, John Abraham, Dharmendra, Mother Teresa

Lucky Months-
Jan, May, Jul, Sept, Oct

Lucky Colours-
Blue, cream, white and all light shades. Avoid black and red

Number 9 {MARS}:

People born on 9th, 18th and 27th
In 2021, you will need to put a tab on being impulsive and impetuous, Mars also makes you stubborn and inflexible. Not a good year for taking risks, although it may be against your nature, so act discreetly.If you feel like it, you usually say it, or struggle terribly to stop yourself. It doesn’t matter much whether it’s politically correct, you’re a believer in total frankness.

But it may not the right time to open up that can of worms, let that cat out of the bag or to spill those beans. The mantra for you in 2021 is ‘Look before you leap’. In matters of love and affection, you can make headways if you plan out the holiday you all deserve so much together.
Many hands will make work lighter, so team work will help.If you are looking at changing your job out of frustration, think of those who don’t even have one. It’s a pandemic, so consider the glass half full a blessing, in due course it will be full to the brim.

The year 2022 (6, Venus) is from your family of numbers and you will cover a lot of ground then. Use 2021 as a farmer would, to sow seeds and then patiently wait for a harvest that is bound to come. Stay busy enough to be healthy. Don’t let inactivity disturb your mind. Physical activities are your lifeline– this year and every year!

Famous No. 9s-
Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Sonam K Ahuja, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Chopra, Gulzar and Shatrughan Sinha.

Lucky Months-
Jan, Apr, Jul, Aug, Oct.

Lucky Colours-
Pink, mauve, blue, crimson red (but not too often)
Happy rejuvenating 2021!
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